Golems are artificial creatures created by magic. They are made from different materials, and are usually physically potent. Golems usually are animated with a spirit or elemental that has been bound or infused into the golem. Usually the bindings are permanent, and the golem is under the control of its master.

Most golems are not sentient, but a few exceptional ones do gain awareness. Golems are usually humanoid in form, though some can resemble other creatures.

Noted Golems

ArchaedasStone GolemAzeroth
BoshIron GolemDominia
BroadoakWood GolemThe Land
CorpheusGolemThe Land
Doom StoneStone GolemSkylands
Everard Mk IIGolemAsteras
Karn (Dominia)Silver GolemDominia
Prism BreakCrystal GolemSkylands
SilverionGolemAngel KnightLavato
SulgrimGolemHerald of ForceSolis
Talos (Etheria)Stone GolemEtheria (Mage Wars)

Subtypes and Variants

Alloy GolemDominia
Altar GolemDominia
Amber GolemMystara
Anima GolemAzeroth
Arcane GolemWarcraft
Arcbound GolemConstructedDominia
Armored GolemDarkurthe
Ash GolemAthas
Basalt GolemDominia
Battered GolemDominia
Battle QueenThe Land
Beast of BurdenDominia
Blade GolemThe Land
Block GolemMaple World
Blood GolemDreamscape
Bone GolemThe Land
Brass CommanderThe Land
Brass GolemThe Land
Brass HeraldDominia
Cheese GoliathEntrath
Chitin GolemAthas
Clay GolemDungeons and Dragons Settings
Clay StatueDominia
Clock GeargolemSkylands
Coal GolemDominia
Cobalt GolemDominia
Complex AutomatonDominia
Composite GolemDominia
Coral Golem
Crosis's AttendantDominia
Crumbling ColossusDominia
Crystal Golem
Darigaaz's AttendantDominia
Darkness GolemShadowfist
Mutant Chronicles
Darksteel SentinelDominia
Dragonship GolemDreamscape
Dross GolemMirrodin
Emblazoned GolemDominia
Enatu GolemDominia
Epitaph GolemInnistrad
Erecting GolemLuridia
Fleet GolemLuridia
Flesh GolemGeneral Fantasy
Flint GolemDominia
Force GolemEtheria (Mage Wars)
Glass GolemDominia
Glassdust HulkDominia
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