The capital city of the forces arrayed against the trapped eladrin children, this darkened town of crooked towers and cracked-cobble streets is populated by all manner of vile creatures seeking the favor of the Mother of Demons. Some few profess to be her progeny, but whether these claims stir any affection in her is not knowable, for to look directly into the face of Pale Night is to forfeit your life.

A squat structure on a low hill overlooking the town square houses the Golmendicorian WarCollege. where many of the important battles ofextermination are planned. The eladrins' protectors (and even a few brave eladrin themselves) have broken into this place and stolen rhe war plans on numerous occasions, but the stubborn demons never think to move to a more easily defended location. As a result, there are few better ways to gain the respect ot the eladrin children or their protectors than to sneak in and out again with the plans without the enemy knowing that It happened. The last to accomplish this feat, 350 years ago, was the elf prince Archosian Brightflame of Celene, formerly a hero on the Material Plane and currently the general of an army defending Melantonberg.