By far the strangest city Akoum is not a traditional city at all. Goma Fada, literally "The City that Walks," is an enormous caravan of wandering kor, humans, and a few elves that moves at a slow pace through Akoum. The several thousand people that make up the caravan actually represent one of the largest "settlements" in all of Akoum. Hundreds and hundreds of huge, sturdy carts comprise homes, shops, eateries, even agriculture—fig trees and similar hardy plants are grown in the dirt-filled backs of wagons.

Knowing that Akoum is death to any who stay in the same place for long, and knowing that resources can appear and disappear at a moment's notice, Goma Fada has answered that challenge by never sitting still long enough to be caught napping. Huge packbeasts and hurda giants pull enormous carts carrying cisterns full of water or granaries full of food. It can be rough living, as the dangers of Akoum move quicker than the caravan, but the "city" is tenacious and has managed to survive thus far.

"All the major routes of the region—the Rogah Throughway, Akoum's Belt, the Pass of Woe—were carved by the wagon-wheels of Goma Fada. The greatest explorer of Akoum isn't Sachir or Kala the Bold—it's the Walking City itself." –Chronicle of Vurundi