Queen Grace is not only the mother of Princess Victoria, but she is also considered to be the symbolic mother of all the humans who dwell in the realm of Carloth.

"From the time I was a little girl, I knew that someday I would be a queen. This was not fanciful, make-believe child’s play, no. Stern-faced adults decided that I would be betrothed to Gabriel Boldheart, eldest son of King Henry XLIII, before I was able to count all of my own fingers and toes.

When we were finally old enough to meet and begin our tentative courtship, I told my future husband that I had one request above all others: that for each day of our lives as husband and wife, king and queen, he would always treat me with kindness. Gabriel made his pledge without hesitation, and has remained true to his word ever since.

My father was the Chancellor of the Academy of Cerulea, and he was determined to ensure that the future Queen of Carloth would be far more than a hollow figurehead. I studied the humanities with Rosencrantz, an elf scholar who had been teaching philosophy for nearly five centuries. My math tutor was renowned for inventing several analytical formulas, and my Hexing gem teacher was none other than Archmage Wrenlocke himself.

In addition to my schooling, my childhood and brief adolescence were spent preparing to be the mother to a kingdom. I was somewhat less prepared to be an actual mother, but barely a year after our wedding, Victoria, my eldest daughter, demanded to be unleashed upon the world so she could waste no time in conquering its mysteries. Soon after came Malcolm, I remember him standing on his tippy toes in his crib, reaching his chubby hands towards the ceiling, desperate to fly. And finally, quiet young Stuart, always seeming to converse with wise spirits only he could see and understand.

"I have given all I have to give to my kingdom: my loyalty, my counsel, and my children who shall serve as the future monarchs of the realm. All I ask in return is the same thing I once asked of my future husband so many years ago: kindness."

"I am not just the mother to my three children, Victoria, Malcolm, and Stuart. I am also the mother to an entire nation."

"Our enemies must be reminded, with flaming whips biting at their backs, that the skies belong to the righteous." (Royal Valkyr)