Before her welcome into the Sengir family, Grandmother was known as Ravi, a wizard with a past somewhat similar to Sengir's. She was a powerful pupil of a planeswalker, traveling the multiverse, studying magic, and learning to wield it. Her mentor was also destroyed by rival planeswalkers, leaving her on Ulgrotha alone, desolate, and without direction. She decided to end her suffering by using a mighty artifact she received from her mentor. It was to be used only in the most dire of circumstances. This item was the Apocalypse Chime. As it was wiping out the entire plane, Ravi lay in a protective coffin, growing more insane by the second as she felt her entire world crumbling about her. For centuries she lay in her box, becoming more and more blackened and twisted. Who would have thought that her “Prince Charming” would be on the hunt for blackened and twisted? Sengir found her, released her, and brought her to Castle Sengir. There, his new “Grandmother” taught him more about sorcery and the use of his dark and devious mind.

Grandmother Sengir is a planeswalker of nearly the same age as Baron Sengir, as result of her spells and exploration into the dark magics. She refers affectionately to the Dark Baron as her grandson, and has been his tutor and guide ever since he rescued her from a magical prison deep within the Wastelands. She has a singing voice that causes eggs to spoil and grain withers into dust at her touch. A formidable woman, she is the ultimate personification of the crone. She is a master at casting hexes and curses upon those she scryes through her magical crystal pendant, and has been known to boil the flesh off of beautiful young women and drink the juices in order to keep herself alive throughout the years.

It is from her collection of spells and hexes that the Baron has been learning magic, and from them has been writing the Books that have had so much corrupting influence on the apprentices of the Wizard's Isle and in Aysen amongst the Death Speakers. She is looking forward to the day when a Death Speaker from Aysen or one of the Apprentices from the Floating Isle will become her next student.

"Rarely have power and madness been so delightfully wed as they have in our dear grandmother." -Baron Sengir (Grandmother Sengir)

"One day, or another, perhaps I shall ring my pretty chime . . . loudly, so that all may hear." -Grandmother Sengir (Apocalypse Chime)

"We must shake her limbs and rattle her brains." -Grandmother Sengir (Autumn Willow)

"It helps pass the time until you die." -Grandmother Sengir (Torture)

"It keeps some out, yes. It also keeps others in" -Grandmother Sengir (Cemetery Gate)

"Such innocent little birds. They sing a sweet song, sitting on their fragile branch." -Grandmother Sengir (Death Speakers)