Graz'zt is darkly handsome, an ebon-skinned man nearly 9 feet tall. His slightly pointed cars, yellow fangs, and six-fingered hands mark liim for the demon he is. Of the demon princes, none appears more human than Graz'zt, the Dark Prince, patron of tyrants, despots, and all those who would rule by force. Though he is the patron of corrupt rulers and decadence, sorcerers and wizards often revere him as well, for he is said to be the keeper of innumerable secrets.

Graz'zr's war wirh the other demon lords of the Abyss is legendary. He controls the largest kingdom - his realm covers three adjacent layers of the Abyss. Unfortunately, control of a larger realm doesn't exactly translare into an advantage to a demon lord.

Graz'zt's goal is nothing less than total conquest of the Abyss. He despises the tact that Demogorgon is known as the Prince of Demons - he covets that title more than anything else. His crusade to dominate the Abyss proceeds apace. His most recent triumph was the deposing of the Demon Prince ot Madness, Adimarchus. With the aid of his son, Athux, Graz'zt was able ro engineer Adimarchus's imprisonment on Carceri. Unfortunately, Graz'zt was unable to conquer Adimarchus's realm, Occipitus. The Dark Prince's cold war of intrigue, sabotage, and slander against Malcanthet has also been consuming much of his time of late, and Abyssal rumor holds that an all-out war between their realms is drawing nigh.

Although a master tactician and accomplished sword-fighter, Graz'zr's rrue srrengths lie in seduction and guile. It is not by force alone, he realizes, chat one can win control, but by controlling those who think they are in conrrol. He enjoys the notion that he is the most intelligent, cunning creature in rhe Abyss; cerrainly, there are few who can match him in this arena, with the possible exceptions of Malcanthet and Pazuzu.

Unlike many other Demon Princes, Graz'zt pays a great deal of attention to what goes on in the Material Plane. He is fond of trading favors with mortals, giving aid or information now for services to be demanded later. His most infamous alliance with a mortal is his relationship with the witch-queen Iggwilv.

Craz'zt's cult is small except among certain monstrous races such as the lamias. Most of his priests, known as the Chosen, are female - a testament to his insatiable libido, although the Dark Prince has been known to lake on male priests as well. His temples are dark, secluded places often guarded by lamias, harpies, or succubi.

Graz'zt enjoys contrasts, oppositions, and mismatches others find jarring or disgusting. Despite his fantastic wealth and love of the grotesque, he lives fairly simply. Wily and cunning, he keeps his mind clear from distractions so he can focus on claiming more land and minions by defeating his enemies, one at a time.

Graz'zt (BVD)