Griffins are creatures that resemble a cross between a lion and an eagle. They typically have the head, forelegs, and wings of an eagle, and the hind legs, body, and tail of a lion. They are typically fierce carnivores and strong flyers. They appear in many fantasy settings.

To outrace the griffin -Kipamu expression meaning "to do the impossible"

When the cat flies and the bird stalks, guard your horses carefully.

"I abandoned my dream of a squadron of griffin-riders when the cost proved too high. Three trainers were eaten for every griffin broken to the bridle." -King Darien of Kjeldor

Farmers typically keep their flocks at thirteen sheep -one to distract the griffins while they take the other twelve to market.

When an order for griffin barding comes in, blacksmiths prepare their forges for months of exacting work. They know griffins always detect imperfections and never haggle. (Armored Griffin)

Noted Griffins

GoldfeatherGriffinKing of the CloudsAnduvia
GrumGriffinFather GriffinForgotten Myths
SilverfeatherGriffinQueen of the CloudsAnduvia
Sonic BoomGriffinSkylands
ZuberiGriffinGolden FeatherDominia

Subtypes and Variants

Abbey GriffinDominia
Assault GriffinDominia
Aurora GriffinDominia
Azorius First-WingRavnica
Balshan GriffinDominia
Boreal GriffinDominia
Cosmic GriffinAnduvia
Courier GriffinZendikar
Daraja GriffinDominia
Divebomber GriffinDominia
Ekundu GriffinDominia
Golden GriffinEntrath
Green-headed GriffinForgotten Myths
Griffin AvatarWorld of Darkness
Griffin DreamfinderDominia
Griffin ProtectorDominia
Harrier GriffinDominia
Hybrid GriffinForgotten Myths
Makindi GriffinDominia
Misthollow GriffinDominia
Mistmoon GriffinDominia
Mtenda GriffinDominia
NordjarimmRavaged Worlds
Owl GryphonItharia
Peregrine GriffinDominia
Razorfoot GriffinDominia
Retaliator GriffinDominia
Sacred GriffinMoonga
Screeching GriffinDominia
Setessan GriffinTheros
Silver GriffinAnduvia
Silverclaw GriffinDominia
Steelborn GriffinDreamscape
Suntail HawkDominia
Teremko GriffinDominia
Unyaro GriffinDominia
Wildhammer GryphonWarcraft

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