Griselbrand is a powerful demon lord, and a figure of worship to the secret cult known as the Skirsdag.

One of four demons who made a bargain with Liliana Vess, Griselbrand sought to end the meddling of Avacyn by challenging her to combat. After dueling for days, Avacyn finally defeated Griselbrand. However, while banishing him to the Helvault, Avacyn was dragged down, too, and imprisoned.

After both Avacyn and Griselbrand were released, Liliana found and destroyed Griselbrand.

"Avacyn emerged from the broken Helvault, but her freedom came at a price -him." -Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Griselbrand)

The demon Griselbrand dared to stand against Avacyn, earning him the loathing of thousands and the admiration of a few. (Griselbrand)

Words no eyes should see, telling of things no sane mind could fathom. (Griselbrand)

"The demons don't care if we mutter niceties and act out ceremonies. Just kill him." -Bishop Volpaig, servant of Griselbrand (Altar's Reap)

"Oh mighty Griselbrand, Scourge of the Heedless World, gladly I consume myself for thee!" (Infernal Plunge)

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