The guardinals are the people of Elysium and the living embodiment of goodness - just as the eladrins are the folk of Arborea or the tanar’ri are natives of the Abyss. Most resemble beautiful, muscular humans with noticeable animal traits – a thick, lionlike mane for hair, a flat muzzlelike nose and mouth, or pawlike hands. The degree of animalistic features vanes between individuals, but guardinals frequenting the Beastlands appear most beastlike (and least human) of all.

The guardinals aren’t a numerous race, even compared to the eladrins or the archons. In Elysium they live in small groups, watching the upper layers for any signs of trouble, or roaming the magnificent landscapes in nomadic hands. Guardinals are quick to laugh and slow to anger on Elysium; they’re living embodiments of the peacefulness of the plane, and don’t lightly disturb it.

While guardinals’re peaceful enough in their home, they show a different face away from Elysium. They’ve got no tolerance for evil of any type and often journey into the Great Ring or the Outlands to seek out evil and confront it. Guardinals’ve even been known to mount lightning raids into the first layers of the Gray Waste, Carceri, or Gehenna just to strike hack at the evil fiends living there. Unlike the eladrins, who respect mortals’ freedom of choice as much as their right to live untroubled hy evil, guardinals make no secret of who or what they are and take whatever steps’re necessary to defeat evil wherever they find it

Guardinals are staunch opponents of evil wherever it is found. Left untroubled on their home plane, guardinals are as peaceful as Elysium itself, roaming its magnificent landscapes in small bands of companions. When evil threatens their home, however, the guardinals are as fierce as any archon, and numerous guardinals leave Elysium on righteous crusades to fight evil on the Material Plane or other realms.

Guardinals combine the features of handsome, noble humans and equally noble animals. Individuals vary in the degree to which the animal features dominate - some cervidals, for example, look like satyrs, while others seem almost human except for the curling horns on their heads. Guardinals who dwell on the Beastlands are the most animalistic, often moving about on all fours (which most other guardinals consider undignified).

Noted Guardinals

BharraiUrsinalthe Great BearPlanescape
KharashLupinalthe StalkerPlanescape
ManathCervidalthe Horned DukePlanescape
SathiaAvoralthe Sky DuchessPlanescape
SerradusLupinalStalker of KharashPlanescape
TalisidLeonalthe Celestial LionPlanescape
VharaEquinalDuchess of the FieldsPlanescape

Subtypes and Variants

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