Halimar isn't a natural sea. Surrounded on three sides by rocky cliffs, the fourth side is enclosed by an ancient Sea Gate. The seawall is more than 500 feet tall with a white-stone cylindrical tower (now used as a lighthouse) that soars an additional 350 feet into the air. Collectively, the seawall and lighthouse are known as the Sea Gate, the largest settlement in Tazeem.

No one knows when the seawall was built, but they believe that Halimar must be an old sea because it is home to many species of brightly colored fish, tusked seals, and massive leviathans that dwell in the depths. Halimar is very deep—around 500 feet deep in some places. When Halimar is placid, the water is a sparkling cerulean. But when The Roil moves across the water, there are white-capped waves and treacherous whirlpools. Tidal waves crash against the sea gate and the cliffs. Despite the tumultuous seas and plethora of carnivorous sea creatures, it is viewed as the safest way to get from the Sea Gate to the mouth of the Umara River Gorge, and there is a substantial maritime trade and traffic on Halimar.

Cities in Halimar

Halimar Depths