The Hanging Swamp is north of the Hagra Cistern, home to several tribes of humans. The Hanging Swamp is a giant sinkhole, 20 miles in diameter, with a floating swamp suspended above it in a glittering arc of water blobs connected by reeds. The entire mass is shot through with roots and creepers, anchoring the whole soggy mass to the ground below. The Hanging Swamp is a maze of floating water globules, and once you enter, it takes an expert guide to find the way back out. Because of a standing effect of The Roil, the entire swamp is in constant motion, the vines twisting and coiling, and the water globules flowing from one location to another. This constant motion means that the path an adventurer followed into the Hanging Swamp is not reversible — the way out is constantly shifting and changing.

The Hanging Swamp is filled with predators that use the terrain to mask their own presence and trap prey. Giant amphibians and insects abound, mixing fluidly with the vines and creepers that make up the "solid" terrain. Many are too small to be a threat to intelligent creatures, hunting smaller prey, but the swamp is home to the deadly Guul Draz Python, which is more than happy to consume man-sized or larger prey.