The Hangmen, also known as Otto’s Men, is a vigilante group that formed when Otto Finkelstein when he got sick of the low-lifes, criminals and deviants in his neighborhood. Otto pounded a few skulls with his baseball bat, but when the low-lifes and degenerates started to gang up on him, neighbors joined his crusade.

The membership includes about seventy working class Joes who fight for the lifestyle they desire. They march around their turf, the Justice Barrio, in small groups and beat up or even kill undesirables. Though they are crudely armed and not professionally trained, a lifestyle low on chemicals and heavy on physical labor has made them some of the tougher folks on the island. They have no formal organization, other than Otto being the leader.


Benjamin SellsHuman
Hank RamasHuman
Otto FinkelsteinHuman
Pepper GrangeHuman
Roman GundleHuman