Hanna, the 25-year-old resident artificer and Weatherlight navigator, is responsible for advising the captain on the ship's nature and its most valuable cargo, the Legacy. Educated in artifact studies at the legendary Argivian University, Hanna is also a capable commander, respected by the crew for her quick-witted initiative and inventiveness. Some years ago she and Gerrard were briefly lovers, but since his return to the ship, the pair have been decidedly formal. When not holding command, Hanna is usually quiet and calm, with a natural shyness that some mistake for coldness. Her commitment to the Legacy is as great as her love of the Weatherlight.

Educated in Argive and highly knowledgeable in the field of artifacts, this expert navigator of the Weatherlight believes that scholarship does not necessarily lead to understanding. Her diligence in pursuing both is her greatest asset.

The daughter of the ancient wizard Barrin, Hanna was educated at the Argivian University where she learned much about the uses of artifacts. She brought her talents to the Weatherlight and began to develop a romantic relationship with Gerrard. That relationship ended abruptly when Gerrard left the ship years ago, but his return may have rekindled her interest in him.

Hanna served as an arcane engineer on the Weatherlight. As a talented artificer, she understood how everything worked. Hanna and Gerrard Capashen fell in love, but Hanna chose to remain on the Weatherlight after Gerrard left the ship following the death of Rofellos.

Initially, Hanna's relationship with Mirri was strained, as Mirri didn't think much of Hanna. However, Hanna saved her life from an Unstable Shapeshifter.

"I never thought I'd spend my life fighting. I'm a maker, not a destroyer."

The swarm seemed unmoved by the artificial slivers' destruction. "They clearly were not the leaders," Hanna cursed. "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." (Disenchant)

"It is the way of most wizards to begin by exiling themselves and to end by exiling everyone else." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Dark Banishing)

Hanna was astounded. Mirri read every leaf and wisp of breeze like a book of ancient lore. (Mirri's Guile)

"Only the most sophisticated inventions can survive nature's unsophisticated motivations." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Verdigris)

"We need alternatives, Hanna," yelled Gerrard. "Now" (Opt)

"I protect the Legacy with my life if necessary, for its purpose is far more important than my own." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Hanna's Custody)

"One would think I would be accustomed to unexpected returns." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Clot Sliver)

"Finding a true heartstone is even harder than finding a true heart." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Heartstone)

"A jigsaw puzzle that lives, breeds, and thinks." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Mnemonic Sliver)

"In Barrin's name" cried Lyna as Hanna's sword passed through her, "Ertai sends word that the portal is open -but not for long" (Erratic Portal)

"This device was commisioned by a king who desired peace. Unfortunately, the royal artificer was also the king's jester." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Bubble Matrix)

"They share more than their thoughts. We must shatter their link quickly" -Hanna, to Orim (Mindwhip Sliver)

"Hanna would give up her own life before she'd abandon the Weatherlight." -Sisay (Restrain)

"A sharp conscience is the weapon of the soul." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Dingus Staff)

"The Argivian University taught me two things: always look to the past, and never dismiss what appears useless." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Argivian Restoration)

"Hard to imagine," mused Hanna, stroking the petal, "such a lovely flower inspiring such greed." (Lotus Petal)

"It'll get us to the portal, but I can't guarantee what it'll do to the ship." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Skyshaper)

Mirri listened intently, even as Hanna held the healing water to her lips. Would the sound of the spring drown out the elves' approach? (Natural Spring)

"I'm amused by wasted effort when it's not my own." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Safeguard)

"We always look upon our first creations as masterpieces, no matter how awful they are." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Jangling Automaton)

Karn and Hanna stood over the recovered Legacy artifacts like loving parents over sleeping children. (Treasure Trove)

"Even the fiercest storm has a peaceful eye." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Tranquil Grove)

"I felt unworthy even to dream of it." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Revered Unicorn)

"What separates junk from treasure is imagination." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Treasure Hunter)

"Not everyone gets a second chance." -Hanna (Liberate)

"Just when I get them working, they always start fighting and tearing at each other for spare parts." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Patchwork Gnomes)

The Predator roared like an unruly beast, and the Weatherlight suddenly listed. "No" screamed Hanna. (Sudden Impact)

As the muscle cords of the creature twitched, Hanna saw an unsettling unanimity in the others' rippling flesh. She didn't know what it meant, but she urged Sisay to keep the ship at a safe distance. (Sinew Sliver)

"I have seen your strength imbued in angels' wings, and I have felt your sorrow rain down on the ruins brought by the Lord of the Wastes." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Serra's Blessing)

"You're not my Hanna" -Gerrard, to Yawgmoth (Jilt)

Hanna: "We must learn how they protect each other." Mirri: "After they're done trying to kill us, all right?" (Armor Sliver)

As Gerrard's form vanished into the maw of trees, Hanna mouthed a silent plea, mourning a crushed dream. (Abandon Hope)

Gerrard: "But it doesn't do anything "Hanna: "No -it does nothing." (Null Rod)

Hanna regarded Squee sternly. "Because it's not a toy, no matter how much it may look like one," she said, taking the manakin from him. (Manakin)

"Forgive me," Mirri whispered. "I thought you a burden, and you saved my life." Hanna quietly accepted the apology. (Gallantry)

"Don't look at me. I didn't build it." -Hanna, Weatherlight navigator (Straw Golem)

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