The Venerable Abbot Hazduhr is the current figurehead-ruler of the civilized lands of Aysen. Where most of the city affairs are governed by Bureaucratic councils and the Abbey Matrons, the Abbot is in charge of the spiritual and cultural development of the people of Aysen. He is a very old man, and though his attention span is starting to lack, his knowledge and insight still make him an invaluable asset to the City.

It is said by some of the Abbey Matrons that Abbot's growing weakness is starting to make an impact on the country he rules over. The Abbot is still capable of acting and making decisions when needed, but he no longer has the initiative and energy of youth. His knowledge and insight make him an invaluable ruler, but he is rapidly becoming a symbol of the spiritual and societal bankruptcy that is growing within Aysen. Serra has not appeared in many years, the Serra Angels have ceased their visits to the Aviary, and the presence of the Abbey Gargoyles is questioned by those of lesser faith. Without any sign or visitation from Serra in many years, the culture is starting to bankrupt itself, and the Venerable Abbot is an excellent figurehead of that moral and spiritual decay.

"Soon, Serra will return and choose the Abbot's successor, else we are lost." -Gulsen, Abbey Matron