Hector's luck runs out when Rachel Sumner catches him following the events of the Shootout at High Noon between the Law Dogs and Blackjacks.

Looks are everything. -Hector Casparo (New Hat)

Lady Luck waxes and wanes, just like the cycles of the moon. -Hector Casparo (Total Eclipse)

How do you figure out which player is cheating? Find the one who never looks at his cards. -Hector Casparo (Ace in the Hole)

I love poker. Nowhere else is the human condition so graphically portrayed.

My cards, my rules. You have a problem with that, you can go play kick the can with the other children. -Hector Casparo (Dealer's Choice)

Oldest rule in gambling - the house never likes to lose. -Hector Casparo (Old Moon Saloon)

Time to pay the fiddler, Hector. BLAM! (Sumner's Revenge)