This terrible place is a vast wasteland of boulders and fissures, beset by constant electrical storms of incredible ferocity. The howling wind, frequent lightning strikes, and never-ending torrential rain make it inhospitable to most creatures, with the notable exception of demons. Nevertheless, it is home to a riotous array of extraordinarily deadly plant life, including forests of assassin vines, bloodthorns, ironmaws, and viper trees.

With Eltab’s imprisonment, the layer has been fragmented into ever-changing fiefdoms. Eltab’s balor lieuten- ants battle endlessly to seize control of his vacated kingdom. Of course, with Eltab’s return, this has largely ceased.

Fragments of the Hidden Layer, known as demoncysts, lie buried beneath the lands controlled by Eltab’s jailers. Somehow, in the process of summoning and binding Eltab to their will, the wizards inextricably linked Abyssal fragments of the Hidden Layer to their lands, creating little islands of the Abyss throughout northeastern Faerûn, buried just beneath the surface. These demoncysts are typically 100 or so feet in diameter. The conditions within each demoncyst mirror that of the Hidden Layer, but the environment within a demoncyst does not usually interact with the surrounding terrestrial environment. All known demoncysts lie underground, resembling an odd-shaped cavern with a wholly different environment than the surrounding earth or open spaces