A hippocampus is a mer-horse - a creature with an equine front body and a fishlike tail. Hippocampi are the horses of the sea, favored as both racers and as mounts. Although not easy to domesticate, they willingly serve good causes. They are favored mounts of Tritons and aquatic elves.

In the wild, hippocampi speed through the open waters, alone or in loose groups. They love racing and are always on the move. They can sometimes be convinced to join an aquatic civilization, as long as they still have the freedom to move about as they wish.

A hippocampus prefers to outrun danger. Hippocampi are free spirits, making it difficult to teach them the discipline required for combat mounts.

Don't try to ride this steed unless you've got gills too.

Breaching Hippocamp, Triton Cavalry

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