Fraz-Urb'luu's rivals indirectly aided one of the demon's enemies, the archmage Zagig Yragerne. Using a demon-provided artifact called the Ichor Lance, Zagig bested the Prince of Deception in battle on the Material Plane, binding him to a bas-relief in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk for more than 200 years. While he was imprisoned, Fraz-Urb'luu's demonic rivals squabbled over his layer, managing only to destabilize and ruin it. Upon returning after his eventual escape, the Prince of Deception found his beloved layer barren and lifeless, an endless expanse of fine white powder under a starless black sky. Here and there squatter demons had managed to create islands in their own image, but most of them couldn't stand up to his brutal attacks and abandoned the layer shortly after his return. Elsewhere in the plane, however, powerful beings like Demogorgon and Graz'zr remember their former "audiences" with the prince and have begun to make retributive forays into his ill-protected reclaimed holdings.

Rakshasas known as the Hollow Rajahs command several of the demon lord's key settlements and citadels. These ruthless, capricious creatures serve as the de facto government of the layer, while Fraz-Urb'luu himself focuses upon rebuilding his domain and affairs in the capital city of Zoragmelok. Despite the lack of heavenly bodies, the ground of Hollow's Heart is illuminated as if under a noonday sun.

Countries and Realms of Hollow's Heart

Cities on Hollow's Heart