Huan Ken neither forgives nor forgets. (The Book of Wrath)

A toehold of power for the Thunder King. (Sacred Wigwam)

This 'Thunder King' is no more our friend than the white men were. (Swift Eagle)

The Thunder Knights' battle cry contains no consonants. (Thunder Pagoda)

They inspire the Thunder King's warriors to ever-greater glories. (Thunder Bishop)

Foes forget the Thunder King's vast sorcerous power. (Avenging Thunder)

The elite guardians of the Thunder Pagoda. (Butterfly Knight)

Perfidy broke the Round Table. For honor and glory, I now serve the Thunder King. (Sir Gawain)

Huan Ken rarely gets involved unless there's a good fight to be had. (Battle Cry)

Huan Ken's fury is truly a sight to behold - from a safe distance. (Chain Lightning)