Lord Ihsan was one of the greatest paladins of Aysen, a champion for the Serra faith and point of view - but ultimately, Ihsan let his hunger for glory cloud his oath to defend his people. He fell to the wiles of the Dark Baron, and has become one of the Vampire Lord's most powerful servants, and ultimately, responsible for the eventual destruction of the Homelands.

Lord Ihsan grew up in one of the small towns common through the plains of Aysen. When he was just coming of age, he had a dreams and visions of confronting the Dark Baron in Castle Sengir. Ihsan devoted his life to becoming a Paladin of Serra, an order of knights devoted to the protection of the towns of Aysen, and of the ultimate destruction of Baron Sengir. After serving for many years, Ihsan bravely journeyed to the Castle of the Vampire Lord, and confronted the immortal. Lord Ihsan kneeled before the Baron and begged that the Baron make him into creature of eternity, that the Baron share his power and show Ihsan the true meaning of eternal life.

The Baron agreed. The Baron was an experienced immortal, and knew that Ihsan wanted the power of eternal life only to use it to destroy Sengir, and that Ihsan was martyring himself to darkness only for the good of the world he had left behind. "The typical heroes journey, to become one with darkness and then use the power to destroy the darkness whole. Maybe if I was younger," the Baron thought to himself, "maybe I would have died by his trickery. But today, I shall not."

The Baron smiled, arched over Ihsan, and with fangs extended sunk his teeth into Ihsan's neck and proceeded to drink the lifeblood from the man. As Ihsan died, he whispered, begged to become just like Sengir. The Dark Baron smiled, pulled free of the Paladin, then spoke the words and incantations of a powerful spell he had learned from his Grandmother, calling upon the magics of the swamps and bogs to fill Ihsan's body. When Sengir stood up and wiped his mouth clean of the red stain, Ihsan was dead.

But not undead. The Baron had turned Ihsan into a ghost rather than a vampire, a impotent, helpless spirit, a puppet under the Vampire Lord's control rather than a being that could fight back and eventually usurp its maker. Binding the Paladins' soul to his own signet ring, the Baron then placed the ring on his index finger, and ordered Ihsan to stand by his side, to act as his guardian and ally, friend and companion for all of the days to come. As all black magics are complete only with a flaw, the Baron also told Ihsan that he shall never be his own creature again, that he would always be the thrall of whomever owned the ring.

And so Ihsan begged and wept for a hundred days, but the Baron paid no heed, as what is but a hundred days to an immortal? Now, Ihsan is one of the Baron's most treasured possessions, and the Serra Paladins have vowed to destroy the traitor of their order - Ihsan the weak, Ihsan the fallen, Ihsan the betrayer.

Irini, Baron Sengir's daughter, wants to own the Ring for herself, for she wishes to control, torment and drive Ihsan completely mad. Even after many years, Ihsan is still sane, which at the very least provides Irini with nightly entertainment.

"Ihsan, the weak. Ihsan, the fallen. Ihsan, the betrayer. He has brought shame to the Serra paladins where none existed before. May his suffering equal his betrayal." -Baris, Serra inquisitor