Ilromov is a storyteller who brings tales from district to district as he travels throughout the city-covered plane.

"Our fealty to guilds dooms us. The old gods shall resurface. Our skins will wave upon the guild-masts over emptied streets, and our bones will clatter in the wind." -Ilromov, traveling storyteller (Sanguine Praetor)

"No more wretched fate is there than to waste away. If you are slain, your ghost may at least avenge itself upon your killer. But what release is there for one slain by Time?" -Ilromov, traveling storyteller (Starved Rusalka)

"I thought of fate as an iron lattice, intricate but rigidly unchangeable. That was until some force bent fate's bars to spare my life." -Ilromov, traveling storyteller (Ghost Warden)