An Incarnation is the singularly powerful manifestation of a spirit-entity that represents a singular concept. While an Avatar is a similar manifestation of a divine being, an incarnation does not form from another sentient entity, such as a god. It is the force of a concept itself.

Incarnations typically do not have names aside from their core concept. Also see Spirit.

Incarnations are also known as Kami in settings based on Japanese culture; however Kami also refers to full deities and minor spirits (there doesn't seem to be a distinction in Japanese folklore). Kami that are singularly powerful (and generally unique), but without a distinguishing name should be Incarnations; those powerful kami with distinguishing names should be considered a Deity. Those that are less powerful, or not unique, should be considered a type of Spirit.

Noted Incarnations

AnimusIncarnationProxy of SoulLavato
ArahboIncarnationRoar of the WorldDominia
Avatar of BoneIncarnationLarisnar
Avatar of SpiritIncarnationLarisnar
Child of AlaraWorldsoulAlara
DeathIncarnationGrim Reaper
Deity of ScarsIncarnationLorwyn
Demigod of RevengeIncarnationLorwyn
Deus of CalamityIncarnationLorwyn
Divinity of PrideIncarnationLorwyn
Dominus of FealtyIncarnationLorwyn
Ghastlord of FugueIncarnationLorwyn
Godhead of AweIncarnationLorwyn
LimierIncarnationProxy of LightLavato
Myojin of Cleansing FireIncarnationKamigawa
Myojin of Infinite RageIncarnationKamigawa
Myojin of Life's WebIncarnationKamigawa
Myojin of Night's ReachIncarnationKamigawa
Myojin of Seeing WindsIncarnationKamigawa
Nobilis of WarIncarnationLorwyn
OseonIncarnationProxy of SeaLavato
Overbeing of MythIncarnationLorwyn
Oversoul of DuskIncarnationLorwyn
PullermiaIncarnationProxy of FlameLavato
Soul of InnistradWorldsoulInnistrad
Soul of New PhyrexiaWorldsoulMirrodin
Soul of RavnicaWorldsoulRavnica
Soul of ShandalarWorldsoulShandalar
Soul of ZendikarWorldsoulZendikar

Subtypes and Variants

Animus of PredationFiora (Dominia)
Aspect of ChaosPoxnora
Aspect of DeathCastle Age
Aspect of GrowthPoxnora
Aspect of InfinityPoxnora
Aspect of LifePoxnora
Aspect of OblivionPoxnora
Aspect of ViolencePoxnora
Bride of the DamnedEntrath
Diluvian PrimordialRavnica
Heedless One
Incarnation of AngerDominia
Incarnation of BrawnDominia
Incarnation of DiscordDominia
Incarnation of DreadLorwyn
Incarnation of FilthDominia
Incarnation of FuryDominia
Incarnation of GenesisDominia
Incarnation of GloryDominia
Incarnation of GuileLorwyn
Incarnation of HopeDominia
Incarnation of HostilityDominia
Incarnation of MightDominia
Incarnation of PurityLorwyn
Incarnation of SlaughterDominia
Incarnation of ValorDominia
Incarnation of VigorLorwyn
Incarnation of WoeDominia
Incarnation of WonderDominia
Living LoreTarkir
Lord of ExtinctionDominia
Luminate PrimordialRavnica
Molten PrimordialRavnica
Nameless One (Dominia)Dominia
Sepulchral PrimordialRavnica
Stalking VengeanceRavnica
Sylvan PrimordialRavnica