Indifference is a lonely, blasted plain of tumbled rocks, jagged pinnacles, and sinister gorges devoid of natural life. Crimson clouds scrub the sky, and freezing winds lash a traveler's eyes and skin. Here stands the Fortress of Indifference, a single 200-foot-tall tower of black iron gridwork. Humanoids of every variety are woven into the metal itself, used as a ghastly mortar. Most of the forms are dead, but many are undead and constantly wail and claw at the air.

The Fortress houses outcast demons, half-fiends, and tieflings. Though these creatures are evil through and through, they have turned their backs on the Blood War. A nalfeshnee demon named Tapheon rules the Fortress. Tapheon's form is horribly scarred, and he constantly wears a body-brace of rusty iron that keeps his bloated form upright with long hooks.

Tapheon's favorite toy is a magic rod called the Despoiler of Flesh, fashioned from sewn-together tongues. With it, the nalfeshnee can alter any creature's shape to any other shape the imagination can provide. Of course, the imagi- nation of a demon is a foul thing, and the rod brings the ghastliest things to life.