The Indirigan Nomads are wandering tribes of spacefarers. They live exclusively on their starships. These tribes often temporarily align themselves with one empire or another. Different tribes feud with each other, and rarely work together for any length of time.

Physically, Indirigans resemble humans. Their skin is usually a purple or russet color. Some indirigan subraces have a single horn on their head, while others have a cranial ridge; a few have both. While some subraces are bald, others have hair (usually green or yellow) growing from the back of their heads.

Indirigan females are frequently the target of raids. Indirigan males treat females as the most prized of possessions, and they are frequently seized by other tribes. When married, females are tattooed to discourage this, but some raiders overlook such tattoos, even tattooing over existing tattoos. More ambitious females will often seek to be captured by a powerful male as a method of gaining a greater social status. Indirigan females can learn some trades, such as nursing, though most do not.

Unique Technology

  1. Bi-tritium Boomerang - ship's heavy weapon
  2. Cargo Packs
  3. Fuser Mechanism
  4. Multi-purpose Phaser
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