Firstborn of Gloamspike’s union with an 31f woman, Ipsighast was also foremost in the triumvirate of half-31f warriors popularly known in legend and history as the Demon Knights. (Incidentally, no living person appears to have been able to find any record of the name of Gloamspike’s Nidian consort, nor does it appear to have been common knowledge at the time. Gloamspike appears to have been a master of subterfuge, even without the aid of his considerable arcanological powers - remember, his treasonous involvement with the Thabbashites was similarly unknown to the Marmothoans.)

Ipsighast, alongside his brother Merbegon, met a grisly demise at the hands of Gideon and his Seraphim during an ill-fated ambush attempt immediately prior to the Thabbashite Siege of Marduun.

Ipsighast, the Lustful