The beacon of glory in combat, Iroas takes the form of a muscular, centaur-like being, with the lower half of his body resembling a bull. He governs both personal valor and bravery in battle, and thus he also governs warfare. He is twin to Mogis, god of slaughter, who commands the dark and brutal side of war, and the two spar constantly.

Iroas seeks to encourage the honorable aspects of warfare in mortals. He favors the militaristic polis of Akros and has established the Iroan Games in that city's arena, whose podium is also the main temple to the god. Each year, during the height of summer, athletes and soldiers from all across Theros compete for the wreath that signifies the highest achievement in physical prowess.

His devotees include champions of the Games and charismatic commanders of troops.

The Iroan Games award no medals. Athletes vie for a visit from Iroas, god of victory.

Dictate of the Twin Gods (promo), Dictate of the Twin Gods, Iroas, God of Victory