In the very beginning, before the world of Ithilion received its name and before anyone began to fight for it, it consisted of one pure, bright, ethereal-like layer. Buildings which had been constructed there, due to their beauty and majesty were later shrouded in mystery and many legends. Brightness and greatness emanated from every part of the world. None of the creatures living in this world felt the need to name it. Names were not significant; the world belonged only to them and this was the most important thing.

Unfortunately, peace and order is over when the thought is introduced. Thoughts create chaos, but at the same time thoughts create a new order of things.

Before the Ithilion world was divided into its three layers, it was inhabited by powerful, beautiful and immortal creatures - eight angelic creators with faces so bright that their sight blinded. No living being could look at their faces because the glow that emanated from them breaks into the farthest corner of the mind, body, and even kills the soul. Every now and then, images were projected in their minds. From these images beautiful buildings were created and the world grew.

The idea which brought chaos into their lives was the consequence of te pride of some of these immortal beings. The thought of ruling, being loved and worshiped, created a second layer of the world called later on the middle layer.

The eight angels, beautiful and majestic creatures with soft, gold and silver-colored wings, were the creators of everything and everyone. Their whole bodies were covered in mystical patterns which shone slightly every time one of the angels created something new. Each of them had a stone, which became a part of them when put it inside the amulet. The colors of stones, different from one another, were the symbols of the differences between angels, because each of them had a different purpose, different needs and different thoughts.

Creation of the races

Centuries after the creation of their world, each of the Angels felt the need to create living beings which would live with them. Only an angel with a white stone, called later by his followers Glartel opposed the idea. After a lot of arguing they decided to create other beings, but these beings were supposed to live below the current world. Glartel prepared the world for his brothers’ children. His design was long, clean and beautiful. The water flowed out of nothingness, the land rose to the top to form the land and tear the water. Gaps in the land changed into rivers, and with these forces, plants and trees began to grow on the land. Sharp rocks covered with snow remained only in places where land climbed higher and the water could not reach them. The angels waited a long time for a home for their children, during that time they created seeds which were hidden in the warmth of their wings.

When Glartel finished his thought he turned to his brothers and nodded his head to let them know that their children got a home.

The first Angel delighted with green trees planted his seed in the most beautiful woods, later called Kendellor. The race of elves who loved nature in all its forms came into being from his seed.

When the second Angel touched the water he knew that it would be the best home for his children and he threw his seed in it, so the race of Hrybons, aquatic creatures, came into being.

The next Angel, the fondest of solitude, spotted hot sands of the desert for his children, creating a race of Savands.

The fourth Angel, who was not afraid to work, felt the need to create beings that would give the beginning of something new, so in the dark rocks he created the race of Dwarves, because he knew that the power is in the ground.

The fifth Angel sowed his seed in the high rocks forming the Troll race.

The sixth Angel kept his seed in his wings for the longest time, waiting for it to grow bigger than others. When he decided that it was ready, he put it up in the hottest mountain of the newly created world, where the hot lava boils. There, the great beasts called Dragons were hatched from the seed.

The last Angel, who similarly to the first one, wanted to create beings like him sowed his seed in green meadows far from the dry sands or inaccessible mountains. There, the race of humans who were used to create angels - Glartel’s children, came into being. People were also the race responsible for the split of the angelic creators and creation of the third layer of the world of Ithilion.

Third layer – the Beyond

The creation of humans and other races resulted in a new thought, which destroyed the unity of the Angels - the mortality of all beings. The creator of each race loved his children and wanted his race to live forever, never grow old. However, he found no support for his ideas in others. When the angels created their children, they did not want them to be equal to the angels due to the influence of pride. Birth and death were to be a part of their lives, and only the creators could be immortal. The issue of life expectancy triggered heated discussions; the brothers came to an agreement about the length of life of each race but did so without Vingrel – the creator of humanity. The Angel was furious. Under the influence of anger he created the beyond - the third layer of the world of Ithilion. He made the souls of all races go there, and those souls will remain immortal.

Ithilion is the setting for the Racial Wars card game, originally produced in Poland