Izathel is the high chancellor of a massive Phyrexian chancery inside the planar core. Izathel belongs to the Flesh Singularity sect within the Machine Orthodoxy. It sees all life as a single, hierarchical organism, with each part serving a crucial role to the whole. The only value of any given part is to the whole organism; therefore, an individual is worse than useless - it's a threat to the unity of the Singularity.

"The last of the Not-Whole shall be discovered, though our eyeholes wince at their hideousness. Their bodies shall be absorbed and their imperfection shall be purged. The Machine Orthodoxy shall engorge the Not-Whole and their deficient isolation shall be obliterated in the Unity. Only then shall the last wounds in the Circle be healed. Only then shall this world compleat itself." -Izathel, High Chancellor

"My new design has lightweight plating specially cultivated from heretics' spare tissues." -Izathel, priest of the Annex (Porcelain Legionnaire)

"Your desires have become our discretion." -Izathel, priest of the Annex (Exclusion Ritual)