J.P. Coleman was the sheriff of Gomorra. He was killed by Jim MacNeil, and his killing was blamed on Black Jack. He later rose as a harrowed, and killed MacNeil in retribution. Coleman was later accepted by the Texas Rangers.

Coleman keeps an eye on most of the town. But even he can't be everywhere... (Sheriff's Watchin')

Members of my mining team would carry pistols with one bullet - in case they got buried alive. -J.P. Coleman (Cave-in)

It's terrible what happens to a man's guns when he leaves them unattended. -J.P. Coleman (Devil's Touch)

You can't run, Byron. I can smell your blood. -J.P. Coleman (Only Winged 'Em)

Son, you got any idea how much I hate that cliche? -J.P. Coleman (Head 'em Off at the Pass)

Yeah, I used to work the Kentucky. I moved to law enforcement to try something a little less dangerous. -J.P. Coleman (Spirit of Kentucky Shaft)

Okay, boys, on the count of three... -J.P. Coleman (Bum Rush)

Sleep tight, Mr. MacNeil... -J.P. Coleman (Nightmare)

Sheriff Coleman's dead. We gotta make sure that the law in Gomorra didn't die with him. -Corky Hendricks (Long Arm of the Law)

Stay away from Sweetrock, Bilton. It's going to get very ugly over there... -J.P. Coleman (Coleman Returns)

Get out of my head, you damned thing! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! -J.P. Coleman (Manitou's Control)

Recognize the wound, MacNeil? You blew it into me when my back was turned. -J.P. Coleman (Nemesis)

As you have sown, so shall you reap. Backstabbin' rattlesnake. -J.P. Coleman (A Score Is Settled)

Stay trained on that alley, boys! They're gonna try for a breakout any time now! -J.P. Coleman (Nowhere To Run)

Dead or alive, you're coming with me. -J.P. Coleman (Clean up the Town)

Controlling your fear is the first step to being a proper lawman. Ain't a man alive gonna scare you if you've looked death in the face.

I'm almost done. One more job, then a long, long rest. -J.P. Coleman (Born Under a Strange Star)

Sheriff Coleman clocked him one time 'cross the skull, and that was the enda that. (Pistol Whip)

You can't touch me, huckster. I'm outside your jurisdiction these days... -J.P. Coleman (Arcane Protection)

You better put a move on, Corky, or you're gonna miss the fireworks! -J.P. Coleman (Giddyup!)

You've been played for suckers, Sheriff. Black Jack didn't kill Coleman. It was MacNeil the whole time. (The Evidence)

I'm tired, Katie-more tired than you can imagine. But I got enough to see this through to the end, and I won't back down now. -J.P. Coleman (All Harroweds' Eve)