Jabari is an uncommon soldier. If he had been a weak and sickly child rather than the strapping athlete he was, he might have become a philosopher--a highly prized position in Zhalfirin society. However, he followed his natural calling and became a soldier. With his wealthy family's backing and a keen intellect, his rise through the ranks was swift.

Today Jabari controls Zhalfir's largest standing army, which includes several elite orders of askari. His soldiers are almost entirely veterans, and he has routinely repelled far larger forces than his own.

A coalition between Jabari and Rashida would be incredibly beneficial, though unlikely due to their very different approaches to the art of war.

Jabari speaks with a philosophical tone, a measured speaker with a soothing demeanor. It is far more important, though, to listen to what he says, not how he says it. He is a firm believer in the right of Zhalfir to rule and will defend his country to the last soldier.

"Prophecy is whatever one makes of it, but destiny cannot be changed." -Sidar Jabari

"One timely cry of warning can save nine of surprise." -Sidar Jabari (Alarum)

"Do not underestimate the power of many against one." -Sidar Jabari (Army Ants)

"Suq'Ata believe in trade; Femeref, alms; Zhalfirins, steel. Be warned, Kaervek -now we are joined." -Sidar Jabari (Divine Offering)

"My soldiers fought without hesitation, died without doubt." -Sidar Jabari (Resistance Fighter)

"In the Mwonvuli you must divide your attention between what hangs overhead and what lies underfoot." -Sidar Jabari (Canopy Dragon)

"Our soldiers are blessed with lizard scales as hard and cold as steel." -Sidar Jabari (Ritual of Steel)

"Madness and genius are separated only by degrees of success." -Sidar Jabari (Inspiration)

"The trollish game of push-fall inspired this impressive tactic." -Sidar Jabari (Barreling Attack)

"Common soldiers can't understand what a sidar knows: the enemy can be a resource." -Sidar Jabari (Jabari's Influence)

"Command is the act of balancing on a vine and convincing others that it is firm ground." -Sidar Jabari (Zhalfirin Commander)