Colloquially known as the City of Chains or Torture City, Jangling Hiter hangs suspended above the bog of Minauros from thick metal links.

The city is ruled by kytons. The lowest portions of the city just graze the roiling swamp, but the strength of the chains keeps the mire from drawing Jangling Hiter down where so many other cities have drowned. No one knows to what structure the suspending chains are finally connected, though a good bet is that they somehow pierce the layer boundary and connect to the underside of Dis above. The hail-laden clouds hide the truth of the matter.

Jangling Hiter is populated mostly by chain devils. Pain devils, their chief rivals as torture masters, are distinctly unwelcome here. In massive, factory-style installations, kytons fillet the souls of the damned with long-honed precision. Hiter’s kytons are so famously skilled at their craft that other archdukes - most notably Asmodeus and Levistus - farm out much of their soul-torturing work to them. Thus, tumbrels bearing raw or processed souls teeter regularly into and out of the city. In Jangling Hiter, transport is an industry second only to torture.

So many souls are tormented here that their agonized shrieks constitute a harrowing form of noise pollution. Undercover adventurers traveling in the city risk exposing themselves by reacting to the screams with fear or pity.

The city is divided into three neighborhoods: the Fiend, Merchant, and Visitors Districts.

  • The Fiend District: Every guidebook warns even the best-protected planar tourists not to venture into this area. A popular pastime in Torture City is to chase foolish new arrivals until they stupidly attempt to escape by climbing up the chains. Bellowing laughter ensues as the victims slash themselves to ribbons.
  • The Merchant District: If any part of Jangling Hiter can be called safe, it’s the Merchant District. Traders, some of whom ply their wares across the planes, are granted limited bills of safe passage sponsored by the influential devils with whom they trade. A devil that bothers a protected trader incurs the wrath of that individual’s diabolical business partner. Unfortunately, the frequency of demotions in Minauros can mean a sudden loss of protection should a patron suddenly be reduced from barbed devil to mewling nupperibo. Because of this risk, merchants employ entourages of easily swayed, expendable mortals as spiritual decoys. Their hope is that the resident devils will spend their time corrupting these hapless nobodies and leave their masters in peace.
  • The Visitors District: Travelers who have improbably made it into the heart of Minauros without bills of passage are kindly invited to stay in the Visitors District. Those who know its nicknames - the Abattoir, or Meat District - give it a wide berth.

Though kytons generally consider each other equal, they often defer to a particularly clever kyton named Quimath. He resides in Panos Qytel, a cathedral-like, triple-towered structure in the heart of Jangling Hiter.

Jangling Hiter (T9H)