The Janus Legion is a lineage made up of psychics who draw on Valor and Madness to create easily identifiable two-faced creatures. They are scientifically trained and chemically enhanced by their employer, The Akasha Corporation, a corporate entity of ambiguous motivation, which likely deals with equity growth funds. They call themselves "oneironauts," after the Greek word "oneiros," a dream spirit. Their creatures are easy to identify as they each have two faces.

The Janus Legion appears to be bent either on economic domination of the world or on liberty of the collective unconscious, or both. It’s curious to wonder which of these goals belong to The Akasha Corporation, The Janus Legion, or both.

The Janus Legion is trying desperately to protect humanity's collective subconscious.


Dream Lord

Sites controlled by Janus Legion

NameSite Type
Pearlthorn CastleStronghold