The island nation of Jhess lies along the eastern coast of Bant. Jhessians are famous navigators and have the finest navy in Bant. They have occasionally warred with Valeron, raiding its coastal villages with their swift naval fleets. Jhess's sleek ships and highly trained marines dominate the sea and beaches, but Valeron's hearty cavalry rule the inland battlefields.

Jhess is more freewheeling than the other nations of Bant, and many Jhessians have a flamboyant streak that is attributed to their coastal living. A far greater portion of the population is likely to be either Sigiled or Sighted than in other nations, and Jhess has the highest population of Unbeholden. Jhessians' upward and downward mobility among the castes is considered shockingly radical by the more traditional mores of Eos, Akrasa and Topa.

The Jhessian navy makes successful raids on Valeron's coastal towns thanks to their spies planted during peacetime. (Jhessian Infiltrator)

She stands ready, always watchful, knowing that weeks of peace and serenity can be overturned by a single distant sail. (Jhessian Lookout)

The island nation of Jhess is under constant siege from Valeron on the mainland. Riders traverse the coastline, always on the lookout for sails or aven. (Outrider of Jhess)