Watch over them and protect them, O Great One, for I fear their deaths may spell the end of us all. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (Bind Spirit) In your culture as well, does not the moon play terrible tricks on men's minds? -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (Full Moon) The earth was never meant to yield up such a bounty. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (San Simeon Mine) We have every right to set camp outside the town limits. If any of the good people of Gomorra take offense at our presence, they are welcome to speak directly with Joseph on the matter. (Walks-in-Footprints) Joseph says we need to keep as many people alive as possible. -Singing Feather (Turtle's Shell) Your trinkets can't help us anymore, Joseph. We're fighting more than bad dreams. -Little Running Bear (Dream Catcher) Remember why you are here, young one. Know your enemies, and make sure that they know you. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (Eagle Bow) My allies hold the sea and the sky, and they won't be turned by the likes of you. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (The Spirits Flee) Joseph may never be back-we have to be prepared for that. But how can we stop the manitou without him? (Raven Smiles) You have guided me here, to help fight your battle. Now you must tell me how I can protect those who fight with me from the terrors that are to come. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (Ask the Spirits) It wasn't until Joseph arrived in Gomorra that he started to worry that his instincts were wrong. But he'd come too far to turn back now. Jeanne was here in this pit of villainy. She had to be! (Watering Hole) Joseph used this pipe when he visited the Spirit Realm last year. Sometimes, when I touch it, I can almost feel him praying beside me. -Singing Feather (Spirit Pipe) The vision has come, and in our arrogance, we were not prepared. Your master walked free, old woman, while those who would help us bickered amongst themselves. But I have journeyed into the wilderness to seek forgivenes. I have atoned for the sins of our folly. And I am not afraid of you-or your master-anymore. -Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain (Joseph's Return) Joseph led us this far. Why are you abandoning him now, when our purpose looms so close? (Singing Feather) Bless me, Father, for I have just killed quite a few men. Joseph has vanished; Bear lies dying; Bloody Knife is murdered. I cannot lead you as they did. I ask only that you join me in a final stand against this evil, so that we can tell them they did not die in vain. (Wise Cloud) I didn't like Bear much. Or Johnny. Or Joseph, for that matter. But now they're gone, and I'm the only one left who can finish their work. Who I like's got nothin' to do with it. (Eagle Rock) They burned down the Old Moon, but Klippstein's got the plans, and he's gonna rebuild it right from scratch. I'll let you decide if that's a good or a bad thing. (Blueprints) Joseph came with the power o' his gods, Wilhelmina with the power o' hers. Nobody could take a stand against either of 'em-except each other. (It's Just You and Me) You ask why men from a hundred nations would follow Joseph. Have you looked into his eyes? Have you heard him speak? This is a man who has seen the truth, and the truth knows no human boundaries. (Red Crow) No one knew what kind o' nightmare was waitin' in that house ... except Joseph. (Horned Owl's Fury) Did it follow Joseph here? Or has it always been here, waitin' fer the right time? (Skin Shifter) Joseph and his boys seem to have found a way around Sweetrock's telegraph monopoly. (Smoke Signals) Joseph says that they're waitin' fer somethin' important. If he waits too long, there won't be anyone left to wait with. (Blue Moon)