A tale of Theros

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Peril in the Stars

The plane of Theros is a world steeped in myth, legend, and prophecy. Intrepid champions draw upon their inner courage as they battle fearsome monsters. The gods further their own agendas by influencing the fate of mortals who worship them.

When mortals sleep and dream on Theros, they are said to visit Nyx, the proverbial land of dreams and the home of the gods. When they appear to mortals, the gods are infused with Nyx, the night sky intertwined with their physical form. Gifts given from the gods reflect their Nyx origin as well.

This has been the order of things for millennia.

No more. Xenagos, the usurper god, has ascended. War engulfs the plane, pitting the pantheon against its own worshippers, and it will take heroic effort to set things right.

A Pantheon Disrupted

After defeating a minotaur horde sent by Mogis, god of slaughter, the Akroans and their allies held a great victory celebration. But their merriment was short-lived, as Xenagos used the occasion to stage the final ritual that propelled him to godhood. The other gods blamed the mortals for disrupting their supremacy, and they swore vengeance against human civilization.

Theros is in danger of tearing itself apart. Only through the removal of the interloper can the natural order be restored. One hero has taken on the challenge to journey into Nyx and confront the usurper god: Elspeth, the Sun's Champion.

A Hero's Trial

Among all the gods, Heliod is especially furious at Xenagos's ascension. He believes Elspeth to be complicit and is intent on destroying her. After the Great Revel, Elspeth fled into the wilderness, barely escaping Heliod's wrath. Now Anthousa, the hero of Setessa, commands the mortal armies against the creatures born from Nyx.

Although things look bleak for Elspeth, she has unlikely allies in the leonin who dwell in the remote mountains outside Akros. They had been observing the siege from afar, remaining aloof from the affairs of gods and humans alike.

Ajani Goldmane, Elspeth's old leonin companion, came to Theros in search of her and became a mentor to his kin there. The Theros leonin told Ajani what had happened and assured him that Elspeth did not precipitate the crisis. With the help of the leonin king, Brimaz, the two Planeswalkers were finally reunited at Tethmos, the leonin's main encampment. Together, they swore an oath to set things right.

A God's Price

Kruphix, god of horizons, is one of the very few who know the secret of how to enter Nyx and tear Xenagos from the stars. He has sworn to protect the knowledge, but Elspeth learns of its existence and is determined to find out how to undo the harm she inadvertently caused. Along with Ajani, she travels to the Temple of Mystery at the world's edge in hopes of communing with the god of horizons.

On their path to Kruphix's temple, the companions are repeatedly assailed by Nyxborn creatures. In her dreams, Elspeth is haunted by visions of doom, and she secretly fears the consequences of her journey into Nyx. Finally, though, they arrive and learn the inscrutable god's counsel.

Now Elspeth and Ajani face Xenagos on his home ground. Armed with the mighty weapon Godsend, the reluctant hero Elspeth assumes the ultimate burden of saving the world.