One part of the Slime Pits is very much the same as any other - a bubbling morass of ooze and sludge dotted here and there with multicolored fungus. Many visitors have difficulty navigating the realm of Juiblex because they cannot tell one place from another, but one area is like no other: Juiblex’s Grasp.

Juiblex’s Grasp is a shallow bay of slime that completely covers a rich forest of mushrooms. The hidden fungus makes negotiating the passage treacherous, tripping unwary pedestrians. In addition, the flow of the slime is so funneled that in several places vicious riptides and undertows can suck a normal humanoid several hundred feet away in just a few seconds. Tales speak of seasoned adventurers losing their footing, falling into the slime, and never being seen again.

Juiblex's Grasp is a planar touchstone, granting a resistance to such noxious places to those who know its secrets.