Junzo Kumano is a master yamabushi of great power. A yamabushi is "one who lies in mountains" - a mountain hermit who practices the ancient shamanic arts. Kumano was the most powerful of yamabushi, wandering shamans whose magic and combat skills were particularly effective against kami. In fact, he was rumored to hold the secret to destroying the kami once and for all. But if he did know it, he shared it with no one

It scaled the Sokenzan Mountains in search of Kumano's secret. The mountain shook for two days, and the kami never returned. (Earthshaker)

"Long before he reluctantly joined the war, stories spread of Kumano's followers winning victories against the kami." -Observations of the Kami War (Kumano's Pupils)

"Within each of you is the strength of a landslide." -Kumano, to his pupils (Spitting Earth)

"We received an anonymous letter suggesting that Kumano holds a secret to defeating the kami, but he is nowhere to be found." -General Takeno, letter to Lord Konda (Nine-Ringed Bo)

Kumano's Blessing, Kumano, Master Yamabushi