The rebel leader Juryan, who led the Obu-Tal to break off from the main pride of leonin, is a ferocious, charismatic, and deeply angry young warrior. He believes fiercely in the need for revolution and a new societal structure for leonin; the old ways of the Kha-Tal pride, he says, do not apply in these changed times. Juryan's warriors have been fighting off Kha-Tal loyalists over land and resources—and losing. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned by Kemba's forces, Juryan needs some new advantage to ensure sovereignty for his fledgling nation. He has recently begun trying to use more of the artifact creations that lay defunct in the wake of the Sun's Toll, and has devoted a sect of smiths and artificers to uncover the secrets of the artificial beings. Not long ago, his scouts discovered and captured a strange, new kind of creature, a being whose metal and flesh are fused completely. This new being appears very dangerous—it may prove to be just the weapon Juryan has been looking for, to strike a vital blow against the Kha-Tal.

All over the Razor Fields, Whitesun is celebrated. Even the followers of the rebel Juryan, far from the Cave of Light, bow their heads in reverence.

"The Phyrexians are vulnerable. Do not despair. We will prevail!" -Juryan, rebel leader