The power-mad tyrant-mage Kaervek is evil ... period. He grew up in the harsh Burning Isles, where all you need to survive is ruthlessness. Naturally blessed with arcane abilities, Kaervek was able to realize a great deal of ambitions early. If it were not for the fact that this region was filled with very powerful entities, Kaervek may have become its ruler instead of one heavy hitter among dozens.

Kaervek immediately recognized the danger that Mangara represented to his plans of domination within Jamuraa. He twisted Mangara's peace-making attempts into a sign of a general amassing his army.

Kaervek is a bully; his tone is generally threatening and often arrogant. He severely lacks a sense of humor, common among those with inflated egos.

He plays the green-aligned mage Jolrael against the peace-seeking Mangara. Kaervek and Jolrael trap Mangara in the Amber Prison, but in the end, through the cooperation of many figures, including Hakim, Asmira, Rashida, and the repentant Jolrael, Mangara is freed and Kaervek himself is trapped in the Amber Prison.

"Rats and jackals feast in his swath, but even they will not walk with him." -Mangara

"Even the ancient storytellers proclaimed Zhalfir to be dominant over all Jamuraa. Kaervek's invasion shocked us all." -Hakim, Loreweaver

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards." -Lewis Carroll,Through the Looking Glass (Ancestral Memories)

"Its speed will be equaled only by the swiftness of my enemy's fall." -Kaervek (Tempest Drake)

"Your arrogance amazes me, Kaervek. Did you not know the price you would pay?" -Mangara (Aku Djinn)

"The end justifies the means. What do I care if I rule over the dead rather than over the living? The dead ask fewer questions." -Kaervek (Kaervek's Spite)

"I shall make walls of their flesh, and their blood will by my mortar." -Kaervek (Wall of Corpses)

"Mangara is gone. Who among you doubts that I have taken his power?" -Kaervek (Disempower)

"Only fools believe they will face my armies but once." -Kaervek (Bone Harvest)

The pulsing heat of the midday Sun burns in the Lion's eye. -Stone inscription, source unkown (Kaervek's Torch)

"I regret feeding Kaervek's hunger for power -far better to live with animals innocent of such ambitions." -Jolrael (Spirit Link)

"If it is weak, either kill it or ignore it. Anything else honors it." -Kaervek (Enfeeblement)

"The Burning Isles are the home to a dozen lords who claim dominion. Jamuraa will look to only one leader: me." -Kaervek (Reign of Chaos)

"The nightstalkers are such a minor power in Urborg. Their sad eagerness to elevate themselves makes them willing tools in the plundering of little Femeref." -Kaervek (Feral Shadow)

"Kill a creature, destroy the present. Kill the land, destroy the future." -Kaervek (Desolation)

"The secrets of Phyrexia are expensive. You will pay in brass and bone, steel and sinew." -Kaervek (Phyrexian Vault)

"My pet will pick the ripe fruit from your tortured brain as if it were hanging from a vine." -Kaervek (Urborg Mindsucker)

"The blood on my hands is merely proof of my ambition." -Kaervek (Wicked Reward)

"What you call decay, I call ripening. You'll gain no sustenance from this harvest." -Kaervek (Ashen Powder)

"Suq'Ata believe in trade; Femeref, alms; Zhalfirins, steel. Be warned, Kaervek -now we are joined." -Sidar Jabari (Divine Offering)

"I have seen the horrors Kaervek has freed. My Betrayal is certain -but of Kaervek or of Jamuraa, I cannot say." -Jolrael (Nekrataal)

"Since I cannot stop death, I choose to stop life." -Kaervek (Soul Rend)

"The memory of your existence will fade like the final stars of morning." -Kaervek (Psychic Transfer)

"Kaervek believes the drakes' cries herald his victory; in truth, they mourn aloud for his impending demise." -Teferi (Shrieking Drake)

"If the curse does not strike you dead, question your soul." -Kaervek (Kaervek's Hex)

"Kaervek imprisoned Mangara out of jealousy, but he taints Jamuraa simply out of spite." -Asmira, Holy Avenger (Blanket of Night)

Kaervek the Merciless