The world of Kaladesh is a living work of art. From the vibrant skies to the twisting trees to the creatures themselves that thrum with power, Kaladesh owes its bright existence to the presence of a mystical blue substance known as aether. Aether is present on planes throughout the Multiverse, but on Kaladesh it has a more tangible presence: it can be seen, touched, and even devoured.

Most aether on Kaladesh exists in its raw form high in the upper reaches of the aethersphere. Under the right conditions, the brilliant blue substance makes its way down to the world below. When touched by aether, nature reacts. Trunks of trees form horizontal spirals to leach as much power as possible from the gusting winds. Flowers bloom in bucket-shaped blossoms to collect falling aether rain. Mountains are pockmarked with dazzling, luminescent aether gems pounded into their sides by the squalls. And waterways carve paths through the land to reflect the seasonal ebb and flow of aether tides in the skies above.

The wildlife of Kaladesh is affected too, attracted by the magnetic pull of aether. Flocks of birds migrate with it, schools of fish swarm around it, wild beasts battle over the richest deposits, and gremlins consume condensed, nonreactive aether geodes. Creatures such as skywhales, drakes, and high-flying birds have evolved to live in the volatile, energy-rich aethersphere itself, spending their lives basking in its radiance and amassing its magical power.

It was always clear to the people of Kaladesh that aether was powerful, but only in the past century have they found reliable ways to collect and use that power. Six decades ago, the world-renowned aetherologist Avaati Vya cracked the aether code. The refinement process she developed separates the charged, energy-rich component of aether from its volatile, reactive component. This allows people to harness the power of aether without risking life and limb.

Mere months after Avaati Vya's first successful refinement, Kaladesh's largest governing organization, known as the Consulate, saw the opportunity to ensure that the power of aether was made accessible to all. The Consulate developed methods for mass production and distribution of refined aether. Safe collection techniques were established, airships were commissioned for transportation, and aether pipelines were constructed to carry the refined energy directly to homes.

Much to the pleasure of the consuls, the plane-wide availability of aether spurred what has come to be known as the Great Aether Boom. The people of Kaladesh, many of whom were inventors and craftspeople, now had access to power beyond their dreams. It was a time of frenzied invention, boundless hope, and wondrous celebration. Today, the Consulate continues to encourage the optimistic and creative environment that the Great Aether Boom helped to foster. Kaladesh is a world where anything is possible, everything is buildable, and any problem can be solved by the power of mystical aether.

Kaladesh is a world of intricate artifice where consuls control the flow of aether. On Kaladesh, natural mages are rare. Work that would be done with magic on other planes is instead accomplished through devices that harness the power of raw aether.

This plane is home to inventors of fantastic machines. The artificers of Kaladesh strive ceaselessly for perfection, progress, and the ultimate expression of elegance. Artifice is an enormously important part of life on Kaladesh, particularly in the city of Ghirapur. The free spirits among the artificers, however, sometimes run afoul of the law.

Thought usually not oppressive, the consul's forces and works are nearly omnipresent.

Artifacts on Kaladesh are built as much for beauty as for function. Artifice on Kaladesh exists in harmony with the environment, and the creatures of Kaladesh have adapted to its presence.

The foundries of Kaladesh run like clockwork under the supervision of their formidable overseers.

Kaladesh is a diverse plane with many ethnicities

Countries and Realms of Kaladesh

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