A massive forest well known for its massive beasts and savage wurms. Ancient paths crisscross Kalonia, most invisible to the naked eye, as they are overgrown by the jungle. But to the trained eye, these paths can be seen and used. The paths belonged to the ancient civilization of the Onakke, a long-since-vanished race of ogres.

"It has a quickness about it that seems unnatural for its large size, yet its hunger is about right." -Endril, Kalonian naturalist (Giant Spider)

Shepherds in Kalonia know it's better to let sheep roam than have them be trapped when the wurms are feeding. (Voracious Wurm)

Even baloths fear its feeding time. (Kalonian Hydra)

"And all this time I thought we were tracking it." -Juruk, Kalonian tracker (Kalonian Tusker)

"Your first reaction may be to stand very still and hope she didn't see you. Trust me, she did." -Endril, Kalonian naturalist (Sentinel Spider)

"Always carry two spears." -Mokgar, Kalonian hunter (Thragtusk)

The Kalonian word for "ammunition" is the same as the word for "bait." (Acorn Catapult)

"They're easy enough to find. Question is, are you sure you want to find one?" -Juruk, Kalonian tracker (Roaring Primadox)

"Do not fire upon it -it is bad luck. And a waste of arrows." -Alera Benath, Kalonian ranger (Kalonian Behemoth)