She is the daughter to the previous High Prefect, Senator Hermia Prosidius. She was barely elected to the position of High Prefect over her older sister, Josidynn. Karynn Prosidius has always been a brilliant strategist. She has a keen eye for exploiting the weaknesses in her opponents. Her defensive tactics are superior to even those of her sister. She carries the "Pride of Prosidius", the Crystal sword of her family that has been passed down from generation to generation. Karynn wants to bring an end to war and would prefer a truce to end the bloodshed with their enemy, but she knows that the Queen will have no part of it. She will perform her duty as effectively as possible. She is looking at an alliance with the Humans as a way of forcing a truce with the Muero.

Our first step against my former sisters, will be to take the mines of Quarzius III. - Josidynn Prosidius (Quarzius III)

This treaty will mark the beginning of a strong union between our two worlds. Let the Muero rue the day that they invaded our systems. - Saul Hernandez to Karynn Prosidius (Ambassador's Aide)

Even if I slay a million Dysori, my thirst will not be quenched until I kill Karynn Prosidius - Primaag Lotraag (Bloodlust)

Karynn Prosidius lead the Dysori fleet in a desperate effort to relieve the humans and once again repel the Muero fleet. (Heavy Cruiser)

Karynn, your sister has publicly declared war against the senate and all those that supported you as the choice for replacing your mother. - Queen Helena Myrianis (Home World Recall)