This race of scavenger aven resembles humanoid vultures: a black-winged creature with a bald vulture's head, but humanoid arms and legs. They circle the skies of Grixis, searching for sites of mass death in order to feed on the grisly remains before the necromancers get their hands on them. Most kathari are greedy, screeching cowards, but are tolerated among necromancers and lich lords because of the belief that they purge bad luck from the dead.

Kathari practice a religion called Skive, founded on a fervent belief in a higher afterlife. Their scavenging habits go hand-in-hand with their religion, as they believe that cleansing the flesh from the bones of the dead is the only proper form of respect for the deceased, and the only way a soul will be free to enter the afterlife.

Kathari nest in aeries in the mountains of Grixis, perched high to avoid marauding undead. They are organised by their roles within kathari society. These roles are:

  • Scourers: nimble warriors who scavenge meat from corpses
  • Mediums: Clerics who administer religious rites and speak with the spirits of the dead
  • Nestwards: Kathari who maintain and defend aeries
  • Caulbreakers: Kathari who tend to the young
  • Outcriers: Mystical shamans with white pupiless eyes who area feared by other kathari. Outcriers are said to boil with the sins of the criminal dead, and can lash out with blasts of dark magic when threatened.

Togk Manytooth struggled helplessly as the kathari circled above him. For a warrior, immobilization is a fate worse than death. (Controlled Instincts)

Dreadwings spring from lofty perches to surprise kathari in midflight. They smother their prey and then consume it as they glide gently toward the ground. (Dreadwing)

Kathari, the sickly aven of Grixis, have learned that the corpses by the shoreline are more trap than treat. (Shore Snapper)

Undeath doesn't end the kathari's search for carrion; it only removes one corpse from the Dregscape. (Skeletal Kathari)

Kathari Screecher