Kazandu riots across Murasa as a broken landscape dominated by tangles of the mountainous jaddi trees. In a cataclysm lost to memory, the region that is now Kazandu collapsed into the earth as though a bubble burst beneath the skin of the world. This has left the ground a mass of irregular canyons, twisting valleys, and high broken steppes, all dotted here and there by plateaus that tower above the landscape—surviving pillars of the previous ground level. Most of the lower areas are dominated by the strange jaddi trees, many growing nearly as tall as the plateaus. Only the sheer cliffs at Kazandu's borders keep the titanic jaddi trees from crawling across more of the world. This is the seat of power of a group of elves who have dissociated themselves from the larger Tajuru nation, known as the Kazandu Splinter.

"Kazandu is the last place I'd expect to find myself—literally, I expect it to be my final resting place. Its devouring canyons and immense flora swallow my mind, not letting me rest, drawing me back in expedition after expedition. I have mapped and remapped its corridors and its sheer drops. I have lost friends and allies to its treacherous broken cliffs. I have found artifacts lost from a distant age and have drunk the earnings from their sale. I orbit Kazandu like a weary satellite, always hoping I can break free from its pull, never liberated." —Mkema Leatherfoot

Deep beneath the canopy of Kazandu, in the valleys created by the roots of the jaddis, crevasses open into the earth. Three such dark regions exist within Kazandu. One is the Doom Maw, dominion of demons and bone-hoarding dragons. The second, Silent Gap, is plumbed by a group of vampires that seek some secret beneath the earth. The third is the migratory home of deadly species—caustic crawlers, giant bats, and shadow scorpions—each inhabiting the crevasse at a different time.

Kazandu Refuge, Retreat to Kazandu