A planet that is mostly desert.

The Keebo were not the original dominant species on their world. The surface of Keb is littered with ancient ruins that hold many secrets of the old world.

Some believe the whistling sands of Keb are actually the Keebo singing songs of remembrance.

Freak lightning is a common sight on the world of Keb. It doesn't rain very often on Keb, but when it does...

Do not look for life on the surface of Keb, for you will find very little; look beneath the sand and all will be revealed. "Worms, Crawlers and now Giant Ants; is there no end to the hostility of Keb?"

The Oases of Keb are some of the few surface places to find vegetation and water in the desert world of the Keebo. The few oases that can be found on Keb may be the best place to shelter from the harsh winds, but they are not without danger.

Daytime on the surface of Keb is hot, dry and perilous. Nighttime? It's probably best to find somewhere to hide.

Cities on Keb

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