Keldagrim is the dwarven capital, and a mighty city it is. It sits across the Kelda river, , with

Keldagrim is the massive underground capital of the dwarven nation. It sits astride the Kelda River, which runs beneath the mountains far to the north of Gielinor. Keldagrim is a bustling metropolis filled with traders. Within the city you can find almost anything you could want...for a price: dwarves won't give much away for free.

A number of ferries serve the city and the large mines south of it. These large vessels, like all other dwarven inventions, are impressive feats of engineering. Keldagrim is connected to the rest of the dwarven nation by means of an extensive mining cart network, the swiftest and most efficient way to get from point to underground point.

The city itself is split in two, with the wealthy elite living upon the western bank, while the poor workers who labour for the great corporations of the Consortium live on the eastern bank. A vast palace joins the two halves; within the Palace, the Consortium meet to decide how the city should be ruled, though their particular interests often make this more difficult than it should be.

The eastern bank also plays host to the massive furnaces and other loud, polluting equipment, as well as a variety of unsavoury characters and dodgy bars.

The Consortium, the ruling council composed of the eight most powerful corporations in the city, make their offices in the building spanning the Kelda, where the trade octagon operates. The trade octagon is almost like a battlefield and many young dwarven traders have had their dreams slaughtered by the power of the Consortium's ruling elite.

There are mines scattered around the outskirts of the city. Here you can find a variety of ores, which can be smelted and smithed in the forges of the city.

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