He was the runt of his ainok pack and could not compete with his bigger and stronger siblings. He was abandoned, but instead of giving up and dying, he found his way to a Mardu orc encampment. The orcs were amused by the "pup," as they called him, and kept him as something of a pet. He grew and thrived among the orcs, at first helping them in hunts, then as an ally in skirmishes. He developed battle techniques that depended more on tenacity and guile than on brute strength, making him a dangerous fighter despite his size. He eventually killed the orc leader in single combat and seized control of the tribe, which is now loosely allied with the Mardu. He and Baihir Torn-of-Ear both want to see the Temur humans reduced in power and are seeking a good opportunity to get Surrak conveniently dead.