Legendary assassin Kiku, Night's Flower uses magic instead of messy knives to kill, mystically animating her mark's shadow and forcing it to do the dirty work. She leaves a camellia flower on the bodies of her victims. as a calling card.

Kiku's shadow-assassination magic allows her to have her victims skewered by his own shadow. The shadow's eyes are pink flowers -- an element of Kiku's calling card.

"Me? No, I'm not going to kill you. I won't even lay a finger on you. I promise." -Kiku, Night's Flower (Kiku's Shadow)

"A wanderer has told me of an assassin in the Takenuma Swamp who uses her dark arts to animate her enemies' shadows against them. A wild tale, but it explains much." -Diary of Azusa (Kiku, Night's Flower)

"If you would taste the wisdom of the oni, be prepared to salt it with your blood." -Kiku, Night's Flower (Seizan, Perverter of Truth)

"Understanding is not a virtue of the ogre. Do not seek to reason your way into Shinka Keep." -Kiku, Night's Flower (Shinka Gatekeeper)

"It is the nature of humanity not to worry about tomorrow, especially when there's a good chance they won't live to see the end of today." -Kiku, Night's Flower (Mana Seism)

Kiku, Night's Flower