Who is Kilvar without their shells? Magician, Hermit, alchemist, philosopher, and simple scientist.

He was not always an eccentric old man with a shell on his back, let multicolored smoke from the battered tube. Once upon a time the magician had a wife and even his daughter, but those days are long gone.

Nature blessed Kilvar with a sharp, inquisitive mind, rich imagination, and flexible ways of thinking. It all sounds nice, but in reality ... the future magician was strange even during childhood, and people were afraid of him and preferred to avoid him.

His common origin closed many doors for him, but Kilvar had a special passion for learning. When his peers looked at girls, he overheard lectures, and instead of stealing apples from a nearby garden, he sat for hours in the library, furtively reading books.

Kilvar has made great achievements in philosophy, alchemy, astronomy, and many other sciences. His speeches were written down, and sold for a lot of money.

As years went by his oddity turned more bizarre, and according to the opinion of most, to insanity. Kilvar suffered absent-mindedness and began to resemble a homeless man than a man of learning.

The reasons why the magician was forced to marry have long been buried under a thick layer of sand of time. The mind of the old man did not preserve the memory of the young girl, with thick black hair and huge brown eyes. But his relationship with his daughter developed with different reasons. The shy girl avoided her eccentric father, preferring to deny any kinship with him,

In Wasteland old man had a very unpleasant encounter. Someone lured the magician with the idea of an expedition to the mysterious region, full of secrets. There, he met with Brigaya. This leader of a tribe, unknown anywhere else, captivated the heart of the old man's daughter. But unknown creatures and Kilvar's own volatile memories struck at him. Kilvar disappeared for a few years, and when he returned, he found that his house and all of his property had been sold for a long time, while he had been missing.

The old man has long ago lost his original human form. The memories of a past life gradually extinguished, dissolved in the mists of time. Now the Heathland offers no home for the old mage. And sometimes it seems that it has always been: only the Heathland and fog ...