In Kamigawa, the kitsune are loosely allied with Konda, have always lent both martial and spiritual power to the lords of Eiganjo. Stoic, yet with a notable mischievous streak, kitsune made both wise clerics and skilled fighters. Living amongst the susuki-grass fields surrounding Eiganjo, they had simple lives compared to the pampered and perfumed nobles of the castle, but this suited them just fine. They were among the most concerned about the origin of the kami's anger, and devoted much energy to finding out why the blood of their youth was being spilled.

Kitsune are the light and elegant humanoid fox creatures of Kamigawa. Quick with a blade and agile, these master swordsmen train many of the best samurai of the land. Their piety that is equaled only by the monks of Jukai Forest.

Kitsune Blademaster, Mending Hands, Pious Kitsune

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